Not very long ago, my family and in laws sat in on a conference with Rockingham County, VA CPS in regard to my boys. There was intense pain in our hearts that day, but we were determined. We all put aside any differences we had because our concern was and still is getting my boys home with family. There have been numerous family members who have stepped up, willing to welcome the boys into their home. Each person has been conveniently dismissed for one reason or another. My husband and I agreed that his daughter would be the best option at this time. First CPS claimed she needed a bigger home. After some searching she was able to obtain a new place. Then they stated anyone in the house must undergo foster care training. My sister in law is already certified in another state and has worked as a teacher in addition to working in the social work field herself. My step daughter is a very strong and responsible young woman. She has attempted to complete the necessary classes, but has been told they are only offered twice a year. Therefore by the time court rolls around, the class will just be starting. We are working with a very limited window of time before the state terminates parental rights. I can not fathom the actions of CPS at this point. Even if they do not believe me or their father a viable option at this time, they can not make me understand how they continue to hold the boys in state custody when there is a host of people who are standing with my Lil guys and more than capable of taking care of them. CPS of Rockingham County… you know you are wrong! There is nothing you can do to explain this to me. These are lives you are playing with, families you are tearing apart and children you are emotionally wounding. Return my children home where they are loved and missed dearly! 

Written by: Tiffany Jackson 

Photography by: Tiffany Jackson