I have given a great deal of thought to transgender issues in recent months. Growing up with a Christian background, it was no more than a fleeting topic in the past. Words such as “wrong” “sinful” and “evil” summed up the conversation. I don’t wish to discuss the morality of the subject today, but rather where we are at present and the spiritual side of how we view the transgender community.

I have a very fortunate gift, in that I am able to place myself in another’s shoes and imagine what they are experiencing in any given situation. The thought recently occurred to me, “what would it be like to date as a transgender?” I considered what one would do when meeting someone for the first time. Should a transgender person tell the truth about their identity? Surely, this would limit dating options considerably. I’m quite sure there would be a great deal of rejection and judgment. I believe the opportunity to have someone know you genuinely minus the stigma could present quite the issue . 

So when is the proper time to reveal the truth to your partner? And if a transgender man or woman believes they truly identify as the person they are post surgery, are they even being deceitful? 

On the flipside, I imagine for someone who has dated a transgender person, the shock of hearing about their partner’s sex change could potentially bring on an onslaught of emotions. After all, they have likely been intimate with someone they now view as a stranger. Anger, hurt and betrayal are valid emotions at this point. The question is, “Do they break it off with this person or embrace the partner they have come to know and love?”

We may not wish to address these topics, but it may become neccesary as we deal with the consequences we face as a society with growing identity issues. Whatever your position on the transgender community, it is our duty as humans to walk in love and compassion toward all mankind. May our love be great!


Written by: Tiffany Jackson 

Photography by: William Precious

Photograph edited by: Tiffany Jackson