In distress!  

Do you hear the cry of your fellow man? 

Do you wait until he’s too weary to stand?

Tattered and beaten by the battles he’s faced,

All alone he runs his race.

Once a week they shake his hand,

And tell him there’s a greater plan.

But back to the battleground he must go,

A reality they will never know. 

He trudges on but his pace has faltered,

Kneeling down, he’s at the alter. 

He knows God hears, he has the faith.

His heart is opened and his hands are raised. 

This man is breaking fast you see,

But no one else can truly see. 

He’s fought the fight and given all.

He’s toiled and toiled but the wages are small.

Odds stacked against this broken man.

Where can he go for a helping hand?

See this man, he doesn’t want a hand out. 

Just a hand up and a different route.

His cries for help have gone unheard, 

And I often wonder as he opens the word,

With tear stained cheeks,

And calloused hands..

How much more can this man stand?

Will everyone wait until it’s too late?

When hope has fled and no more he can take?

Will they wait till he’s gone, 

And there’s no more time, 

To lift this man’s spirit,

With a deed that’s kind.

I fear he’s not the only one. 

There must be others out there alone.

Struggling,  fighting, crying for help.

Trying to play with the hand they’ve been dealt. 

If you meet this man,

And I know there are many,

He’s not asking for a hand out or pity.

He just might need to be encouraged, 

Talk to him kindly and lend him some courage.

Show him there are folks who care,

Let him know that you’ll be there.

When life has pushed him to the very edge,

Make this plain and simple pledge..

To be the hands and feet of Christ! 

Take one moment to change one life!
Written by:

Tiffany Jackson (2014)

Photography by: William Percious