It has always amazed me that after centuries we are still falling victim to the same traps. Be it political, racial or religious divide..When one side feels it’s on the upswing it begins to oppress the other. The oppressed party responds out of frustration and pain. Violence begets violence. Rather than learning from the experience the oppressed becomes the oppressor and the cycle continues. Please let’s stop falling prey to divide. Don’t respond to hate with the same. Respond in love and watch a powerful shift take place. The greatest voices of this message have always had their lives cut short (I.e. Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon, and the list goes on..)  Why? Because the enemy knows what a force we can be when we are unified and committed to a lifestyle of peace and love. This was the very embodiment of Christ’s message. It is who he was and is. What if this time we all become a force of love? What would happen? The answer is we would become unstoppable! We would become a radical message to the world and we would shift our communities, our cultures, and our planet. Love and peace are not just “far out” hippie concepts or words to be tossed around flippantly. They are mystical, transformational, divine forces that can turn the universe upside down. If we want to see change, we must be the change and this my friends is the only way!
Written by: Tiffany Jackson