I’ve heard many people say, “I only see in black and white.” As I’ve pondered this for some time, I have seen a great many flaws in this limited view. 

When we choose to see the world in black and white, we compartmentalize our thoughts in two distinct places. The brain takes in information and filters it either here or there. No more thought neccesary. 

No one taught me to question everything. It was a natural inborn quality that drove me to a place of wonder and awe, a quest for truth. What did I find? I found the human brain is a fascinating organ. We, it’s programmers chose how we see our world and what we take in is then filed and stored. 

We live in a world of neatly typed “labels.” Words are neccesary as certain forms of communication, yet they also limit our ability to think critically and to delve deeper into the mysteries we call life.

I’ve walked in many places on my journey. I’ve heard the small minded comments from those who believe their race is superior. This reveals to me a lack of understanding, an inability to see past stereotypes built up in their virus ridden mind. I’ve watched in pain and great sorrow as attitudes and hate filled words spew forth at the gas station attendant who doesn’t look just alike. Maybe he speaks little English or maybe it is the fact he worships differently. This is not intended to make one turn from righteous convictions, only to help the blind eye see that perhaps in our ideas of right and wrong, black and white, we are missing something.

 Perhaps we are missing the ability to embrace our differences. Maybe our fear of the unknown has kept us caged in a world of distorted perceptions. Maybe if only for a moment, we locked eyes with the man pumping our gas, the waitress serving our food, or the junkie on the corner with sunken eyes; we would see something deeper. Perhaps we would touch a mystical place, one in which we realize we are really not all that different. One in which we touch the vastness and connectedness. A place where we find our stories aren’t all that different. 

We as mankind  have failed. We have all experienced great loss at some point or another. We’ve all felt fear, loneliness and pain that seems to penetrate into the depths of our soul. We have all laughed and shed tears along the way. We’ve all experienced joy and dissapointment. Where we’ve failed is in remaining connected to the world around us. We’ve become self seeking with our limited vision.

Whatever connection we can find, let us hold tightly to it. Let it fill our hearts with elation and let us seek those connections in all our travels.

You might find yourself amazed as you immerse yourself into the enigma we call humanity. You may find that life is not best viewed through black and white lenses alone. It is best viewed through eyes that behold every color in between. Colors so bright they stir the soul and awaken us from our slumber.

We were not meant to see in only two  shades. We were meant to see in shades of red, crimson, sky blue, coral, sienna and violet. We were meant to see in indigo, forest green, and sunshine yellow! 

“Why?” You might ask! Because color opens up a world immersed in possibility, uniqueness and love. It is when we begin to see in color, that we truly find a rainbow of hope emerging through our narrow scope of vision. 

The only way we can truly do this is by puttimg aside our preconceived notions once and for all. We must speak truth even when  it hurts. We must be emptied of judgment, self righteousness and stereotypes. We must be willing to go into the places no one else will go and love without apology. When we put aside the belief system we’ve held so dear for but a moment, we see people as we should, through eyes of love. Suddenly the darkness isn’t so dark and the white not so blinding. Suddenly we see through the eyes of Christ! We behold beauty in the most unlikely of faces. We see life in deadened places. 

In that momemt we understand even the darkest colors have their place. All the shadows only make the sun seem brighter. Fully aware, we see possibility and beauty. We see a colorful world silently awaiting our discovery! We become speechless and utterly aware of a picture that is far bigger and far more complex than we could have dreamed! We discover a world immersed in color!

Written by: Tiffany A. Jackson