She was the little girl in love with the whole world..

In every eye she saw a spark that brightened up the night. In every soul she found  great hope. Her soul was filled with light. In every shadow she saw a sillouette of something great. Men were like blank canvases, just needing a splash of paint.

 She wondered why the world could not see the same. Their minds were small and full of gall. They’d grown a bit inane. She asked hard questions that no one could answer. She challenged the status quo. She spoke brilliant and wonderous things that a child should not know. She told them of ancient memories. She spoke of the future and what it would bring. She tried and tried again to catch their cynical eye, but she  could not break through the veil of blatant lies.

Her heart felt lonely and her her soul grew weak . Her voice became a whisper. No one heard her speak.

She heard them talk of money and things that they would buy. She heard them talk of politics and the neighbor’s newest guy.  She heard them yell obscenities, brash and hateful words. She heard them whisper gossip; their mouths full of empty words. She heard so much she closed her ears, never to hear again. She could not stand the clanging sound as the room filled with  noisy din.

 She saw with her eyes the world around and how the people lived. They heaped up things to fill their houses; treasures they stored within. She watched them run to and fro with to do lists that stretched a mile long. Yet nothing that they did or gained ever amounted to much at all. So she closed her eyes and let out a sigh. The world was too big and the truth was a lie.

She felt the sting of her mother’s hand across her tear streaked face. She felt the cold and icy glare from a people filled with hate. So one dark day she closed off her heart to the wicked and cruel world. She didn’t want to see or hear, to touch, or taste or feel.

Years went by in just this way. She slept  all day and night. She tried to hide from the world outside and keep out all the light. Her only friends were tucked away in her tiny closet space. She hid them there, placed with care so no else could look. Stacked up to the sky in that secret place were piles and piles of books. 

So she’d climb into her closet, pillow in tiny hand. She’d read of things like ancient rings, knights and faraway lands. Her dreams were filled with woodland elves, unicorns and such. Places she had never been were all within her touch.. Oceans wide, African skies, jungles and castles too, mysteries of the Orient and a place called Kalamazoo!

So this was the way she filled her days to keep from the burden of truth. Until one day she could sleep no more. She thought she needed proof. Proof of what? It was very clear that no one outside cared! She peeked around her bedroom door and tiptoed down the stairs .

Her eyes began to open wide! Finally she could see. The sky beheld such marvelous things. The stars in the night sky gleamed. She saw the faces full of delight and children playing pretend. She saw the hope she’d missed before instead of a dreadful end. So she painted pictures of grandiose things. She brought them straight to life. Pictures lined her bedroom walls and the world became so bright.

She heard the sound of wind and rain beating upon her walls. She heard the chorus of the bluejays song and trees as they would speak. Her mouth begin to fill with words and now was the time to speak. She talked of stories and books of old, for many she had read. She sang out loud before the crowd and melted hardened hearts. Her voice got louder and her songs filled with power. The sky filled up with sparks!

 As the sun grew hotter and the creeks filled with water, her heart became brand new. With love and light inside her now, suddenly she grew. 

She understood the shadows and why darkness had its place. She understood the hatred in every single face. She knew why they were sad and why their hearts had grown so cold. She too had done the very same many moons ago. But time had passed as time will do and she was no longer afraid. She loved them all, great and small, from the oldest to the tiniest babe. 

This little girl was in love with the world and that would never change!

Written by: Tiffany A. Jackson