The word elucid is defined as shedding light. I often question the places I have been and the place in which I currently stand. I wonder, “Why me?” and I fight against the currents of life. 

Then in one magical moment I am aware that my feet are exactly where they should be. It is not random chaos that has brought me to this place. It is by a far greater design then I can fathom with my finite mind. 

As I stop fighting against the raging currents, and become one with the waves of destiny, I feel a freedom in letting go. I am not steering this vessel. It is the Great Captain who directs this voyage. He controls the helm, the wind, the sun, and even the waves. 

Today I will surrender. I will look down at my tiny feet and the earth below. I will look at the vast blue sky above and I will be here, right here in this moment in time. I will not fight the path before me, but I will embrace with open arms the gift of divine life. I will touch the realm of impossibilities and dream bigger than ever before. Today I am illuminated! 

May you too find the light within. May you discover that​ letting go is not as you feared. In fact it is the beginning of freedom. It is touching the divine. 

It is discovering the truth of your purpose and unwrapping the mysterious gift that is you! Namaste!

Written by: Tiffany A Jackson

Photography by: Patrick Jackson Jr.